German Business Etiquette

Our English workshops are for everybody who plan a longer stay in Germany. Everybody knows that intercultural understanding is of course a matter of knowing about the manners in the foreign country. We help you get to know Germany and its culture. Please contact me for further information!

This workshop is especially for people who want to be informed about the German understanding of how to behave, for example when you plan a visit to Germany (maybe for a longer time) and are interested about the way “we” act, about expectations, about table manners, about behavior in public, about dress codes and so on.

Duration: Depends on your requirements.

This workshop is especially for international companies, business people and students. Every information provided is important for a better understanding of the German Business Etiquette and to avoid faux pas (or more).

– The basics of good manners
– The power of the first impression
– Proper clothes
– How to greet correctly
– The perfect handshake
– Small talk
– Etiquette for mobile phones, emails and telephone
– How to introduce oneself and others
– Body language
– The most important rules concerning table manners and restaurant etiquette
– Special German “Things”

Can include a 3-hours dinner or a lunch lasting about 1,5 hours.